Best Navigation Apps On the Market

The only thing more frustrating than using a navigation app is finding the best one for you. We did some searching and narrowed it down to the top three picks: 1) Google Maps Google Maps is a classic. The intuitive platform and wealth of information have made this app one of the top competitors in

End-of-Season Motorcycle Maintenance

With cold weather and snow right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about end-of-season bike maintenance. Here are our top tips to help you keep your bike in the best condition through the winter months: Cleaning and Drying This is one of the most basic rules of riding. A lot of steam is

Heating System Maintenance

As warm summer days become fewer and fewer, you may be tempted stop thinking about your engine’s cooling system. While it’s important to have a functioning cooling system during the summer months, it’s also important to do some pre-season maintenance before the winter cold sets in. Here’s why: The Basics Heating systems are fueled by

Listen Up: It’s time to see the mechanic

Most of us don’t even notice harmless noises as we drive, like wind whistling past the mirrors, or tires humming against the asphalt. But some noises aren’t so innocent. You should never ignore certain thumping, banging, clicking, and squealing sounds, especially if they intensify while accelerating, braking, or turning sharply. Delay can allow a problem

Shock & Strut Replacement: What you need to know

The Basics Shock absorbers are mechanical or hydraulic devices that keep your the car from bouncing as you drive over rough or bumpy roads. Struts, on the other hand, are a structural part of the suspension system that provide a mount the coil spring (which maintains the height of the vehicle). Shock absorbers usually give