Schocktober: 3 Signs It’s Time for Replacement

It’s hard to know if a part needs replacing when you can’t see it. Here are three tell-tale signs it’s time for new shocks or struts:

1) Stopping distances increase.

Most drivers notice the wear on their shocks and struts when quick-stopping distances increase. Shocks and struts are designed to control the tires, and to keep them in contact with the road surface as much as possible. If vehicle tires are free to bounce (which is what happens when struts and shocks wear) they are not as effective at gripping the road, so steering, handling, and braking are all affected.

2)  have to compensate for conditions like body roll.

Body roll (or lean) happens when you turn into a corner and, as your car begins to turn, its weight is thrown to the outside of the corner. This, in turn, causes your car to “roll” in that direction. Put simply, as you turn left you are thrown to the right and turning right throws you left.

3) You notice a bumpier ride.

Chances are, you won’t notice this if you’re a daily driver- but your passengers will. Since the wear tends to be gradual, most drivers don’t realize their rides slowly getting more rocky as time goes on. But bumpy rides indicate a huge problem. While shocks and struts provide ride comfort, their primary function, tire control, is a much more important role. Worn struts and shocks will cause a change in tire wear and vehicle handling that should not go unaddressed.

At V&F

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Written by Nicole Palange

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