February 2018 - V&F Auto Inc

Signs of Tire Damage: Cuts, Punctures, and Impact

In our last article, we talked about irregular tire damage. But tires can also become damaged without the driver’s knowledge. The most common damages are caused by cuts, punctures, and impact. Cuts Cuts are tears in your tire tread. Cuts are the result of an external influence, such as potholes, protruding bodywork parts, or sharp, […]

Signs of Tire Damage: Irregular Wear

Irregular wear on tires can be indicative of a serious problem. There are several types of irregular wear. The most typical ones are heel and toe wear, one side wear, center wear, braking flat spots. Heel and Toe Wear Also called “saw-tooth” wear, this pattern is caused by normal usage with normal suspension settings. Cross-grooves […]

The Dangers of Battery Corrosion (& How to Prevent It In the Future)

No matter what kind of car or battery you have, your terminals can become corroded over time making them poor conductors of electricity. While corrosion will not make your battery catch on fire, buildup on battery terminals can keep your car from starting. Here’s how to prevent it: Clean Regularly Corrosion is easy to clean […]

Common Signs of a Leaking CV Boot

Constant velocity axles, commonly referred to as CV axles, transfer power from your engine’s transmission to the wheels and propel the vehicle forward. The flexible joint in a CV axle, which accommodates wheel movement, is covered in a rubber boot that is referred to as the CV Boot. This boot serves as a simple dust […]