September 2018 - V&F Auto Inc

5 Ways to Prevent Rust in Your Exhaust System

Most drivers have a hard time keeping their exhaust system from rusting. Your exhaust system gets attacked by moisture from both the inside and outside, which not only accelerates the rusting process but can cause permanent damage. The moisture is trapped by such things as mud, dirt, tar and other common types of particles that […]

How To Diagnose A Bad Or Failing Radiator Hose

Your car has two coolant hoses– the upper hose attaches from the top of the radiator to the top of the engine and the lower hose attaches from the bottom of the radiator to the water pump. These small parts carry coolant to and from the engine to keep the engine at the optimal temperature, […]

Concerned about a power steering leak? Here’s where to find it.

A fluid leak in the power steering system can be one of the most mysterious repairs to diagnose. Hydraulic power steering systems use a pump that pressurizes hydraulic fluid and sends it down to the mechanism that turns your wheels, either a steering gear or rack and pinion depending on the type of vehicle you […]

How to Make Your Muffler Last

Mufflers are a required component on any vehicle that operates on roads in the United States. Mufflers serve two functions: (1) To reduce exhaust system noise that is directed from exhaust ports to the exhaust pipes (2) To help direct exhaust gases out of the engine Most people think that mufflers are also an important […]