December 2021 - V&F Auto Inc

Six Winter Driving Tips You’ve Probably Heard Before (But Definitely Need To Hear Again)

Driving in the snow and ice can be tricky– so we put together our best winter driving tips! You’ve probably heard some of these before but, with winter weather on the way, they definitely bear repeating. Go slow and steady. This is our most important winter driving tip. When driving in the snow, it’s important […]

We Perform Uber Inspections! Schedule An Appointment Today!

Attention Uber drivers in Western MA! Did you know that we can perform an Uber vehicle inspection here? One of the requirements of becoming an Uber driver is that you must have an eligible 4-door vehicle. In order for your vehicle to be eligible for the road, it must pass the Vehicle Inspection guidelines at a […]

Why You Need To Replace Bald Tires This Winter

Recently, bald tires caused a customer to experience a rattling noise coming from their car while at highway speeds (70-75 MPH). Upon completion of our technician’s inspection, we came to the conclusion that the customer’s vehicle needed four new tires! Unfortunately, their car’s tires were out of balance and bald which was causing the vehicle […]

Why Isn’t My A/C Cooling?

Troubleshooting Common AC Problems There is nothing worse than when it’s 100 degrees outside and when you get in your car to turn the AC on, it doesn’t work. Or it blows air, but only hot or room temperature. Here at V&F Auto Inc in Agawam, Massachusetts, we have seen our fair share of AC […]

Winter Paint Care

Your car’s paint takes a beating in the winter, especially with the harsh and unpredictable New England weather. Dirt, salt, ice, and snow are all unforgiving. We know winter paint care can be challenging but we’re here to help. Here are a few tips and tricks to help your paint stay picture perfect during the […]