January 2022 - V&F Auto Inc

5 Money Saving Car Maintenance Tips for the Average Driver

Your automobile is a big investment. Whether you own your car outright, or you’re still paying monthly to payoff or lease your vehicle, you’ll still have to plan for regular car maintenance expenses— not to mention the gas prices that are still much higher than we would like them to be! At V&F Auto, we’re […]

Get Your MA State Inspection At V&F Auto

A new year means new inspection stickers! In Massachusetts, all registered vehicles are required to pass an annual safety inspection. As of 2008, vehicles with the model year of 2001 or newer also have to pass an emissions test. If your sticker is about to expire, here’s what you should do: Be Prepared Before you […]

Snow Day Tricks for You & Your Car

Dealing with snow today? You’ll want to know these tricks to make your day easier. Defrost your windshield in record time Do you have to leave your car outside overnight? We know how pesky it is to have to defrost your windshield! Learn how to defrost you windshield in seconds: “Mix ⅓ part water and […]

Why are my brakes squeaking? | Brake Service at V&F Auto

Noisy brakes could indicate a serious safety problem. In this article, we’ll examine some common causes of squeaking brakes and discuss when you should plan to come in for brake service. Why Brakes Squeal Simply put, brakes make this noise because they’re designed to. Brake pads have an embedded stip, called a shim; when your […]

The Most Common Dashboard Warning Lights You Need to Know

It can be exceptionally nerve-wracking when a warning light pops up on your dashboard. Is your car still safe to drive? Should you pull over and get a tow? Should you keep driving straight to the mechanic? We know it can be frustrating to describe what’s wrong with your vehicle in these tense situations so, […]

How To Transport Skis In Any Car

Ski season is here and it’s time for New Englanders to start hitting the slopes! But transporting gear to and from the mountain can be a hassle. If you’re struggling to find the best way to transport skis and snowboards, here are a few ideas to consider: Invest in a roof rack Roof racks are […]

5 Picturesque, Snowy Drives In New England

Getting outside for some fresh air is more important than ever in the winter months—but finding safe activities can be a challenge as winter weather hits and super cold temps linger. A great way to shake up your usual routine and get outside when it’s cold is driving! Snowy drives in New England have so […]