April 2022 - V&F Auto Inc

How to Prevent Rust In Your Fuel System

Interior rust tends to go undetected, sneaking under the radar until its effects are detrimental. And a rusty fuel system, in particular, can hit you where it hurts— reducing your fuel efficiency and compromising your engine’s power until you can’t ignore it.  Below are the warning signs of a rusty fuel system and a few […]

Automatic and Manual Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission is the most difficult engine component to repair. Transmissions are notorious for being misdiagnosed, so avoid any trial-and-error service methods. In this article, we’ll examine the two main types of transmissions and explore options for both automatic and manual transmission service in Western, MA. Manual Transmissions Manual transmissions require that the driver […]

How far can you drive with the low-fuel light on?

With gas prices rising and no end in sight, many of our customers are trying to maximize their fuel efficiency— and many of us are running the tank as low as possible before refueling. At times like these, it’s important to remember that driving your vehicle when the low-fuel light is on can be dangerous. […]

When To Get Your Brakes Replaced

Similar to gas mileage, the wear and tear on your brakes will vary depending on where and how you drive. And determining just how long they’ll last depends on several factors. Here’s how to determine when it’s time to get your brakes replaced. Driving Habits Where you drive makes a big difference when it comes […]

Check engine light on? We can tell you what it is— and fast.

Seeing your check engine light on the dashboard is never a good feeling. When that indicator comes on, it means that something is going on under the hood—and it’s usually not something good. But, before you start to worry, you should investigate some of the most common causes behind your check engine light, to see […]

Ball Joints? What are those?

Ball Joints and Your Vehicle When you are driving around, you most likely aren’t thinking about your ball joints. However, they are a small part that plays a major role in how your car drives. Your car’s suspension system relies on the quality of the ball joints. Ball joints also help to keep your car […]