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Car Cooling Problems

Is Your Car Too Hot to Handle? Our Auto AC Repair Services Will Keep You Cool Common Car Cooling Problems Explained While New England residents mostly enjoy mild summer temperatures, a properly functioning car A/C system is still essential. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working correctly, it can lead to uncomfortable – and […]

Pre-season Motorcycle Maintenance Tips | Part Two

With spring officially here, it’s time to bring those bikes out of hibernation! In our last article, we reviewed several preseason motorcycle maintenance tips— but we’re not done yet! Don’t forget to check these things before you hit the road: Oil If you changed the oil and filter before storing your bike for the winter, […]

Pre-Season Motorcycle Maintenance Tips | Part One

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to bring those bikes out of hibernation! We know you’re eager to get back on the road, and pre-season motorcycle maintenance is an essential part of kicking off the season. Here are a few things you should check before you take your bike out for its first […]

Transmission Troubles

Have Transmission Troubles? Agawam’s Trusted Transmission Repair Technicians 4 Signs of Transmission Failure Your car’s transmission is one of its most important components. The transmission is what transfers the power from your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. If your vehicle is having transmission problems, it can lead to hefty automotive repair costs. That’s why spotting […]

Conventional Oil vs Synthetic Oil: What’s The Real Difference?

Oil changes can be a hassle, but they’re a crucial part of engine maintenance. Oil maintains engine lubrication, cools the engine components, removes dirt particles and sludge, and can even improve gas mileage and increase vehicle longevity. If you’re thinking about conventional oil vs synthetic oil, we’ve got the answers. Worth the Hassle Car engines […]

Looking for an oil change in Agawam, MA? We can help!

An oil change is the most important maintenance service for your vehicle. If you’re looking for an oil change in Agawam, MA, V&F Auto is here to help! How often should you get an oil change? An oil change and lube service is relatively simple—but it’s critically important to the long-term health of your vehicle. […]

Spring Car Wash: Time To Wash Off The Salt!

Dirt, salt, and sediment can destroy your car’s clear coat and paint over time. Once these layers are gone, your car’s metal components are prone to rust and erosion.  Experts say that washing your vehicle every few weeks can help to prevent dirt and sand from rubbing through the paint and eating away at the […]

Why is there a bubble in my tire?

A sidewall tire bubble, like the one shown above, is a bulge protruding from the sidewall of the tire. This happens when air is leaking from the inside of the tire into the carcass or body of the tire. Common Causes The majority of bubbles are caused by impact damage. The tire has a small […]

Auto Repair: What happens when an axle shaft breaks?

  A broken axle shaft will require a serious repair. If your axle shaft breaks, it can cause all sorts of problems for your transmission system. Here are a few of the most common questions we get. What are the signs and symptoms of a broken axle? Here are five signs and symptoms to watch […]

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