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How To Figure Out If It’s Time For An Oil Change

Getting an oil change is usually a quick and painless process. So why do many people delay in replacing their oil until there’s a visible problem? A lot of drivers rely on mileage as a gauge for when their oil needs to be replaced, but there are a lot of other factors come into play–the […]

Shock and Strut Replacement: How much wear and tear can they take?

Shocks and struts are what make your ride smooth and comfy, even as your travel over rough terrain and bumpy roads (or a hallmark New England pothole). Shock absorbers are mechanical or hydraulic devices that keep the car from bouncing as you drive. Struts, on the other hand, are a structural part of the suspension […]

Why do my tires keep losing air?

When tires keep losing air, it can be super frustrating—especially if there aren’t any obvious culprits like a puncture or tear. Before you shell out a few hundred dollars to get your tires replaced, here are a few things to consider. Temperature Changes Sudden drops or rises in temperature can cause your tire pressure to […]

The Best Auto Repair Shop In Agawam, MA

At V&F Auto, we’re proud to be the best local auto repair shop in Agawam, MA. Since 1988, our family-owned and operated service center has been providing top-quality auto repair services to our community. Services At V&F, our team is hyper-focused on making sure your car avoids costly repairs and breakdowns—and helping you get back […]

Failing Heat Shield? Here’s what to watch out for.

While most heat shields will last the life of the vehicle, they can still be susceptible to failure. Heat shields wrap around the exhaust manifold; they’re designed to direct heat out of the engine the exhaust and protect vulnerable engine components from under the hood and potentially causing damage. With the extreme stress they’re under, […]

Windshield Repair: Why You Shouldn’t Drive With A Cracked Windshield

Perhaps you’re driving behind a quarry load and, despite your best efforts to hang back, a rock knocks your windshield leaving behind a nasty crack. Maybe a severe storm pulled debris down onto your hood or brought down some nasty hail, damaging the glass on your car. No matter how it’s damaged, any cracks on […]

Common Symptoms of a Broken Heat Shield

Most heat shields will last the entire life of your vehicle without needing to be replaced. Still, they can still be susceptible to failure over time. Here are a few common symptoms of a broken heat shield. A burning smell coming from the engine. When the heat shield is failing or damaged, one of the […]

Our Top Recommendations: The Best Cell Phone Mounts For Cars 

Our Top Recommendations: The Best Cell Phone Mounts For Cars  Trying to find the best cellphone mount for cars? These are our top recommendations: Ainope Gravity Phone Holder on Amazon This is a super affordable moung that is compatible with most standard car vents. Your phone will slide in and clamp automatically, slipping into a […]

What You Need To Know Massachusetts’ Hands-Free Law

Massachusetts’ Hands-Free Law went into effect on February 23, 2020, and carries some pretty hefty penalties. Under this law, Massachusetts now prohibits operators of motor vehicles from using any electronic device, including mobile telephones, unless the device is used in hands-free mode. Increasing enforcement of this Massachusetts’ Hands-Free Law has some drivers wondering what exactly […]