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When should I set my parking brake?

Most people think you only need to use your parking brake (also called the emergency brake) when parking on a hill or if your car has a manual transmission but this is incorrect. In this article, we’ll talk about why you should use it every time you park. It’s Called The Parking Brake For A […]

Why Driving With Your Parking Brake On Is a VERY Bad Idea

As we talked about in our last article, you should always set the parking brake when you park. Your parking brake maintains a stronger hold than the prawl, making it a better option for holding your car in place while parked.  The most important part of using the brake is remembering to disengage it before […]

What Happens When a Rotor Breaks and How to Fix It

While modern disc brakes are very effective and reliable, a brake rotor can still break from time to time. A broken or fractured rotor creates an immediate threat to your safety on the road and must be replaced as soon as possible. Here are the signs and symptoms to watch for, and what causes them: […]