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Ball Joints? What are those?

Ball Joints and Your Vehicle

When you are driving around, you most likely aren’t thinking about your ball joints. However, they are a small part that plays a major role in how your car drives. Your car’s suspension system relies on the quality of the ball joints. Ball joints also help to keep your car moving. We wanted you to know and understand how important this part is to your car. The expert technicians at V&F Auto Inc have put together a guide to help you understand the powerhouse that is your car’s ball joints.

What Are Ball Joints

The ball joint is part of the suspension system. It includes a joint and socket attached to the suspension components. The ball joint’s purpose is to provide the pivoting motion for the steering knuckles and control arms of your car. They help your vehicle have a smooth tide. The ball joint must stay lubricated to keep out debris and ensure its range of motion. A rubber unit in the ball joint helps the lubrication to remain in the joint. When the ball joint is functioning correctly, your vehicle will hardly feel a bump on the road.

Ball Joint Issues

Like all parts of your car, the ball joint is susceptible to wear and tear. The debris from the road will gradually damage the ball joints. The seal holding in the lubrication will degrade. When this happens, the joint becomes loose. If your car vibrates or you experience a loose steering wheel when you drive, there is a problem with a ball joint. Your alignment may also be off because of the damaged ball joint. It is dangerous to drive with a bad ball joint. In an extreme case, the ball joint can come apart from its housing. You will experience a loss of steering and control. An accident can happen. If you feel you can’t control your vehicle, please pull to the side of the road if possible. Don’t try to pull your car into a shop! Please call a tow truck.

Having a healthy ball joint is a requirement for a safe vehicle. At the first sign of an issue, take your car to an auto repair shop. At V&F Auto Inc, located in Agawam, Massachusetts, our shop is fully equipped to diagnose and repair ball joint problems. We want you to have a safe and smooth drive each time you get into your vehicle. So, think about having your ball joints checked the next time you are in for routine maintenance.

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