How To Restore Headlights Without the Hassle

Over time, the clear plastic lens covers that protect your headlights may become cloudy. And, depending on your car’s make and model, replacement lenses and assemblies can be several hundred dollars each. Thankfully, refinishing is a great alternative. Most modern headlights are made of a nearly unbreakable polycarbonate plastic that is treated to protect against

When to Change Bald Tires

We often hear from our customers that they dread buying new tires. And, as a result, most people put off replacing them until it’s absolutely necessary. But driving with bald tires is really dangerous.  Driving with bald tires drastically increases the risk of a crash or a flat, especially in bad weather. And the frightening

Common Serpentine Belt Problems & How to Fix Them

Serpentine belts usually result from a misalignment or a defective tensioner. It might be hard to diagnose a problem just by listening but examining the belt itself can help you diagnose the problem- both before it’s removed and afterward. Excessive Cracking Excessive cracking is usually caused by old age. Serpentine belts stretch with age and

Common Signs of Rust And What Causes Them

If your car has it, you’re probably not happy about it. When left untreated a rust spot can quickly grow to cause major structural problems. In many states, a car with rust holes in the body won’t even pass inspection, regardless where the spots are located or how small they are. Tha’s why it’s best

Massachusetts State Inspections: What you need to know

In Massachusetts, all registered vehicles are required to pass a yearly safety inspection. Plus, vehicles with a model year of 2001 or newer also have to pass an emissions test. If your sticker is about to expire, here’s what you should do: Prepare Ahead of Time Before you head to our shop, conduct a basic