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Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

It’s every car owner’s worst nightmare. You’re driving down the road, everything seems to be fine. And, out of the blue, your check engine light comes on. Your check engine light can be triggered by any number of things- a loose gas cap, a broken fuel injector, a sudden leak, a broken manifold. Even if […]

When To Get Your Brakes Replaced

Similar to gas mileage, the wear and tear on your brakes will vary depending on where and how you drive. And determining just how long they’ll last depends on several factors. Here’s how to determine when it’s time to get your brakes replaced. Driving Habits Where you drive makes a big difference when it comes […]

Check engine light on? We can tell you what it is— and fast.

Seeing your check engine light on the dashboard is never a good feeling. When that indicator comes on, it means that something is going on under the hood—and it’s usually not something good. But, before you start to worry, you should investigate some of the most common causes behind your check engine light, to see […]

What should I do about a corroded battery terminal?

A corroded battery terminal can look ominous but it’s usually an easy fix. No matter what kind of car or battery you have, your terminals can become corroded over time making them poor conductors of electricity. Here’s how to handle a corroded battery terminal: Why do battery terminals corrode? When you see corrosion on the […]

Why You Should Visit An Auto Body Shop After An Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know the aftermath is never fun— from insurance claims to repairs, the whole process can be a hassle. You might be tempted to skip the repair shop after a minor fender bender, especially if there aren’t any signs of major damage, but it’s an important part of […]

In Case You Missed It…. We Guarantee All Of Our Services!

V&F Auto Inc. is proud to be the best local auto repair shop in Agawam, MA, and one of the few to provide guaranteed auto services to all of our customers. Read on to learn more about our commitment to our customers and our community! Our Team Since 1988, our family-owned and operated service center […]

Five Driving Tips for All Drivers

Five Smart Driving Tips For New Drivers Five Driving Habits for All Drivers to Adopt If you’re reading this, you’re presumably interested in learning how to become a better or better driver. Driving is a routine action for most experienced drivers, and once we get behind the wheel, we don’t have to give it any […]

Signs of a Bad or Failing Muffler

In our last article, we talked about things to avoid that can make your muffler wear prematurely or become damaged. But, regardless of the precise cause, failing mufflers typically exhibit a few common symptoms to alert the vehicle’s owner that a problem exists and needs to be repaired. Below are a few of the warning […]

Important Manufacturer Milestones: 30/60/90/120K Mile Services

  Manufacturer recommended maintenance may not seem like a big deal, especially if your car seems to be running fine. But it’s not something vehicle owners should ignore. Over time, parts within your vehicle will naturally wear and break; knowing the typical lifespan of each part, manufacturers estimate these breaking points and recommend maintenance intervals […]

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