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Can summer weather affect my car battery?

batteryCold weather is notoriously troublesome for engines but summer heat can also have a negative impact on your car battery. In fact, batteries in warmer climates have a tendency to die years before batteries in more moderate, cooler climates, and have to be replaced more often. Hotter temperatures can increase water loss from the electrolytes inside the battery.

Keep An Eye On Corrosion

Evaporating battery fluid leads to corrosion on terminals and connections. You should regularly check your battery terminals for corrosion, and clean any buildup on the cable clamps with a paper towel. You can al and ensure the clamps are tight enough that they will not move. If your battery is more than three years old, it’s a good idea to have it tested by a trained technician to determine how much longer it will last.

Get A Battery Load Test

If your battery is weak or rundown, your mechanic will run a battery load test to determine the battery’s voltage and ensure it’s releasing enough charge. As long as battery voltage remains above 9.6 volts, the battery is considered “good.” But if it drops below 9.6 volts by the end of the test, the battery may be “bad,” or the battery may have to be recharged and retested if it was not fully charged prior to the test.

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Keeping up with regular maintenance, like battery charging and replacement, can help to extend the life of your vehicle—and prevent costly repairs in the future.

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This article was originally published in 2021 and has been updated.

Written by Nicole Palange