Digital Inspections - V&F Auto Inc

We Digitally Inspect Every Vehicle

Our team uses Digital Vehicle Inspections to assess and communicate the condition of your vehicle to you. Instead of relying solely on written reports or verbal explanations, our technicians document and share information about a vehicle’s condition, repairs needed, and recommended maintenance.

When you bring your vehicle to V&F Auto, our technicians perform a courtesy comprehensive health inspection, looking for safety and drivability issues. They also digitally document maintenance services recommended based on history, time, and mileage. he Digital Inspection includes pictures and videos and prioritizes any recommendations by color coding the importance of the repair or maintenance needed.

This report is either emailed or texted to you and one of our educated Service Advisors will go over the report with you. They will help guide you and prioritize both repairs and maintenance needed. Using digital inspections allows us to be transparent with our customers. You are able to see what we see and make informed decisions based on the needs of your vehicle.

We understand how much you rely on your vehicle, so it’s equally important to understand the changes in health your vehicle may have. It’s also important to be informed of maintenance due and possible safety concerns your vehicle may have. Regular inspections help catch issues early on, saving you money over time on larger repairs.