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When should I get a winter heater inspection?

Getting an annual heater inspection is an important safety check for your vehicle. In addition to heating the car’s cabin, your heater controls the car’s defroster. A broken or failing heater can prevent the defroster from clearing ice and frost off your windshield, limiting visibility, and hindering your ability to drive safely. No one likes […]

Tire Care and Safety: Replacing Old Tires

Replacing old tires can be a huge hassle. As winter approaches, it’s important to make sure your tires are set for the season. If you’re dealing with uneven front or rear tire wear, here are some things to keep in mind. Read more: Common causes of uneven tire wear. Tire Care and Safety As the […]

How to Make Your Windshield Wiper Last

They may not seem like a critical part of your vehicle, but good windshield wipers are a key safety feature. Wiper blades deteriorate over time due to many environmental factors such as sun, moisture, oil from cleaners and waxes, airborne dirt, and other debris. Poor wiper blades cause poor visibility in already precarious weather conditions, […]

How to Improve Engine Performance

Engine performance is holistic measure of how healthy, efficient, and reliable your engine is. When gas prices spike, maximizing your engine performance is a great way to save money at the pump— knowing the basic principles that govern the performance of your car’s engine allows you to be a smarter consumer, and have a better […]

How To Find An Oil Change Near Me

Getting an oil change is usually a quick and painless process. So why do many people delay in replacing their oil until there’s a visible problem? If you find yourself searching “oil change near me,” look no further than V&F Auto in Agawam, MA! Why do I need to get an oil change? Routine maintenance […]

3 Unmistakable Signs That Your Car Battery Is Failing

Getting stranded with a dead car battery is always inconvenient—and getting stranded in inclement weathe can be downright dangerous. No matter how old your car is, it’s important to take good care of your battery. If you think your car battery is failing, here are a few things to watch out for. 1) Clicking sound […]

Conventional Oil vs Synthetic Oil: What’s the real difference?

With rising inflation, we’re often asked about the difference between conventional oil vs synthetic oil, and which is better. In this article, we’ll explore: what’s the real difference? And is synthetic oil worth the extra price tag? Understanding The Basics Oil changes can be a hassle, but they’re a crucial part of engine maintenance. Car engines […]

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