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Looking for an oil change in Agawam, MA? We can help!

An oil change is the most important maintenance service for your vehicle. If you’re looking for an oil change in Agawam, MA, V&F Auto is here to help! How often should you get an oil change? An oil change and lube service is relatively simple—but it’s critically important to the long-term health of your vehicle. […]

How to Get the Best Deal on a Used Car

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, pre-owned vehicles are a great option to consider especially with the new car shortages spurred by ongoing chip and inventory shortages. When it comes to used cars there are so many options and variations, pros and cons to each model— it can be hard to know if […]

How To Schedule Auto Repair Online At V&F Auto

At V&F Auto we’re proud to offer online scheduling for all of our services! Here’s how to schedule auto repair online: Browse our list of auto repair services. You can find a full list of auto repair services under the Services drop-down in the main menu of our site. If you’re not sure which auto […]

Where to Replace and Install Two New Tires

We always recommend installing tires in sets of four—changing out a complete set will improve handling, comfort, and performance. However, if you prefer to replace tires in pairs, we can make that work! If they are the same size as the tires already on your vehicle, we recommend you install both new tires on the […]

Automatic and Manual Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission is the most difficult engine component to repair. Transmissions are notorious for being misdiagnosed, so avoid any trial-and-error service methods. In this article, we’ll examine the two main types of transmissions and explore options for both automatic and manual transmission service in Western, MA. Manual Transmissions Manual transmissions require that the driver […]

Our Favorite Pizza In Agawam MA

As a family-owned, local business, we love supporting other innovators and entrepreneurs in the Pioneer Valley. This month’s small business spotlight is on… pizzerias in Western MA! For many of us, pizza is a dinner-time staple— especially on nights that you just don’t feel like cooking. If you need to pick up a pie on […]

What should I do about a corroded battery terminal?

A corroded battery terminal can look ominous but it’s usually an easy fix. No matter what kind of car or battery you have, your terminals can become corroded over time making them poor conductors of electricity. Here’s how to handle a corroded battery terminal: Why do battery terminals corrode? When you see corrosion on the […]

How To Transport Skis In Any Car

Ski season is here and it’s time for New Englanders to start hitting the slopes! But transporting gear to and from the mountain can be a hassle. If you’re struggling to find the best way to transport skis and snowboards, here are a few ideas to consider: Invest in a roof rack Roof racks are […]

Why You Need To Replace Bald Tires This Winter

Recently, bald tires caused a customer to experience a rattling noise coming from their car while at highway speeds (70-75 MPH). Upon completion of our technician’s inspection, we came to the conclusion that the customer’s vehicle needed four new tires! Unfortunately, their car’s tires were out of balance and bald which was causing the vehicle […]

Common Symptoms of a Broken Heat Shield

Most heat shields will last the entire life of your vehicle without needing to be replaced. Still, they can still be susceptible to failure over time. Here are a few common symptoms of a broken heat shield. A burning smell coming from the engine. When the heat shield is failing or damaged, one of the […]