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What Fleet Management Service Can Do For You— And Your Business

If you own a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles to keep things running smoothly, you know how much goes into fleet management service. Maintaining cars and keeping them fit for the road can make or break your business but it’s a big job. There are oil changes, wheel alignments, tire rotations, and […]

Fleet Missed Maintenance

Missed Your Fleet Maintenance Service? Call Our Fleet Service Specialists Now ​​3 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss a Fleet Maintenance Appointment Do you run a fleet-based business? If so, proper fleet management is essential. Skipping your preventive maintenance appointments can result in hefty repair costs. It can also decrease your company’s productivity and put […]

Five Tips to Become a Better Fleet Manager

Fleet Vehicle Management Managing a fleet in an ever-changing environment is difficult and time-consuming. Fleet managers oversee complicated fleet operations such as vehicle maintenance schedules, cost reductions, effective driver training, and greater business efficiency daily. Maintaining the safety of your drivers on the road is critical to your company’s overall sales and service goals. However, […]

Fleet Management Tips

Tips for Better Fleet Management Keeping your fleet vehicles running correctly and your drivers safe while on the road is key to achieving the objectives of your fleet services company. Fleet managers must supervise complex fleet activities regularly, including vehicle maintenance plans, efficient driver training, and improved performance. However, managing a fleet in an ever-changing […]

Scheduling Fleet Services at V&F Auto

Fleet maintenance is a bit more tricky than handling services for normal, independent vehicles. Staying organized and tracking each vehicle’s maintenance history is critical for recommending timely fleet service to keep each vehicle running safely. Here at V&F Auto Inc., we are dedicated to maintaining the fleet vehicles your company relies on. We understand how […]