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Fleet Management Tips

Tips for Better Fleet Management

Keeping your fleet vehicles running correctly and your drivers safe while on the road is key to achieving the objectives of your fleet services company. Fleet managers must supervise complex fleet activities regularly, including vehicle maintenance plans, efficient driver training, and improved performance. However, managing a fleet in an ever-changing world can be challenging and daunting. Here are a few tips to help you run your fleet more efficiently. If you need an automotive repair shop that you can trust with your fleet services repair needs, contact V&F Auto Inc. today to learn more. With our team of trusted mechanics in Agawam, Massachusetts, we will ensure that your fleet vehicles get back on the road good as new.

Maintain a Fleet Management Plan

A well-executed fleet management plan will act as a significant contributor to your overall management strategy. A fleet services management plan involves tracking, reviewing, and optimizing all facets of your fleet, as well as cost management, driver training, and determining key performance indicators.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance

Properly maintained fleet vehicles will help minimize unscheduled maintenance and vehicle downtime. Preventive care can involve oil changes, tire rotation, tire inspections, and general vehicle safety inspections.

Keep an Eye on the Total Cost of Ownership

Be sure also to keep an eye on your overall maintenance costs and take note when they start rising, which often happens when a fleet vehicle gets older. Also, consider the coverage of the manufacturer's warranty and how it affects your overall cost of ownership.

Communicate Company Policy with Fleet Drivers

Ensure that all of your fleet drivers are aware of their duties and that the company's vehicle policies are enforced at all times. Each driver should have a full understanding of the company's expectations, maintenance procedures and know what to do if the vehicle needs to be repaired or is involved in an accident.

Develop a Relationship with a Certified Fleet Maintenance Provider

When you're in trouble, it’s critical that you work with a fleet repair service you can trust. They will be able to step in and help speed up the repair process, minimize fleet services downtime, increase customer loyalty, and improve overall efficiency.

Get Regular Driver Reports

Maintaining records is essential to the maintenance of vehicles. Receiving regular driver reports from your drivers about your fleet vehicles will help your drivers establish a set of best practices and create good working relationships with you and the maintenance team or contractor while also allowing you to keep an eye on your fleet vehicles.

Fleet Services You Can Rely On

While routine maintenance can be a high cost for businesses with fleet services, it’s essential to keep your fleet vehicles on the road. If your business needs a fleet repair shop you can trust, contact V&F Auto Inc. to learn more about how we can help. We are conveniently located in Agawam, Massachusetts, for all of your fleet repair needs.

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