Best Car Vlogs

Best Car Vlogs to follow

There was a time when you needed to be a Top Gear presenter to talk about cars on camera. But with the rise of YouTube and other social media platforms, an ambitious new set of YouTube car vloggers is gaining fans by the hundreds of thousands. So which of these vloggers should you be subscribing to? Here are a few of the best:

1) Petrolicious

By far one of the most polished vlogs out there, Petrolicious creates original videos and articles for classic car enthusiasts. Featuring hundreds of collectors and racers, their videos examine the history, aesthetic, and build of classics cars.

2) Supercars Of London

With a massive grin and friendly presentation style, Paul Wallace, a.k.a. Supercars of London, began his vlogging career by making a video of some Aston Martins back in 2006. His channel has significantly developed over the past few years, as he aims to cover anything and everything automotive. “If you're new to SupercarsofLondon,” he writes on his YouTube page, “expect high octane videos, funny moments and beautiful supercars and locations.”

3) Seen Through Glass

Hosted by the charismatic Sam- a McLaren 540C & Abarth 695 Biposto Record owner, car lover, and YouTuber- SeenThroughGlass is an automotive lifestyle blog, featuring candid car adventures in the UK and around the world. He openly shares his experience and expertise, talking directly to the camera as if you’re in the car with him. Though quirky, this approach to car vlogging has become a trademark of his growing brand.

4) Mr JWW

James is one of the most well known and dapper supercar vloggers. Another candid, third wall shattering vlogger, he shares experiences with supercar fanatics around the world, providing a genuine insight into the ups and down of supercar ownership and the world that surrounds it. And the blog on his website proves that he can write about the supercar ownership experience just as well as he can talk about it.

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Written by Nicole Palange