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Careers In Auto Repair

Finding a Career in Auto Repair

Are you interested in a career in the auto repair business? Because the car repair industry has a job for everybody! Whether you’re a diehard car fanatic or a casual hobbyist, a career in the automotive industry could be a match for you. In this article, we’ll take a close look at a few of the most prominent jobs in the car repair industry to help you discover a place that allows you to work on cars for a living.

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Different Careers in Auto Repair

Auto Service Advisor

As an auto service advisor, you effectively act as a link between your shop’s customers and your shop’s automotive repair technicians. During the process, you will often work closely with each technician to help determine the cause for the repair and explain it to the customer and recommend any solutions that may fix the car more effectively and affordably.

Service Writer

As a service writer, you will work in a more customer-oriented position. As a service writer, you can use your automotive training and knowledge to work with your shop’s auto technicians and customers to provide optimized maintenance and repair services that are easy for all of your customers to understand.

Auto Service Technician

As an auto service technician, you will be responsible for evaluating, repairing, and conducting preventive maintenance and diagnostic services on all vehicles that visit your shop. Auto service technicians also use advanced equipment to improve vehicle performance, so you will also be working closely with all the latest technologies in the automotive repair industry to make the most effective repairs possible.

Collision Technicians

Last but certainly not least, a collision technician uses sophisticated equipment, materials, and professional techniques to fix or replace broken car parts and structural components. In addition to overall system maintenance and periodic glass replacement programs, collision technicians frequently perform electrical and mechanical repairs.

Professionally Certified Auto Repair in Agawam, Massachusetts

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Written by Nicole Palange