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Clear the Snow Off Your Car In Record Time

This article was originally published in December 2019. We see it all the time—cars driving around with frosted windows, iced over mirrors, or two feet of snow still sitting on their roof. With more winter snow storms on the way, it's essential to keep your car windows clear. You should always try to build in some extra time to brush snow and ice from your car before you driving— here are a few ways you can get it done a little faster.

Invest in a good brush and an ice-scraper.

Before the snow hits, you'll want to get the right tools, like a high-quality snow brush that can reach the top of your vehicle. In Massachusetts, officers can issue a $35 fine for improper removal of debris on a vehicle or a $200 fine for driving with an "unsecured load," like a pile of snow or sheet of ice on a vehicle's roof. Having a decent ice-scraper will also come in handy. Deicing your windows with a defroster can take a long time in frigid winter temperatures but driving with iced-over windows is a recipe for disaster.

Start your car early.

Once you get out there in the snow, first things first: clear off your driver's side door, start your car, and crank the heat and defrosters. This is also a great time to turn on your mirror defrosters and seat warmers. The head from the defroster will help to melt the ice so you can scrape it away once you brush the snow off your car. Just be sure your tailpipe is clear so exhaust fumes can float away.

Start with the top and work your way down.

Start with the top of your car and work your way down. There is nothing more frustrating than clearing off your windshield... only to have all the snow falling from your hood cover it again. Start by clearing the snow off your roof, brush off the front and rear windshields, and then finish up with the sides and mirrors.

Scrape Away!

By this time, the ice on your windows should be melting and getting loose. So, scrape away! Like we mentioned earlier, it's super important to make sure all of your windows and mirrors are clear from ice, debris, and other obstructions. If ice is crowding your windows, you're more likely to get into an accident—and you could get a fine from the local authorities.

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Written by Nicole Palange