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Disinfecting Your Car During the Coronavirus Outbreak

disinfecting carWhile it's important to practice social distancing and government guidelines over the next few weeks, there are some trips that will be unavoidable—going to the store, visiting the pharmacy, or going to work if you're one of the many people who continue to serve our community. If you're venturing out, here are a few things you can do to disinfect your car during the coronavirus outbreak:

Keep hand sanitizer at the ready.

This is good practice year-round, but it's especially important during health crises or even during the usual cold and flu season. Keep a stash of hand sanitizer in your car to disinfect your hands as soon as you get back inside your vehicle and lock the doors. Try to remember to sanitize your hands before starting up the engine or touching other controls. Remember: according to the CDC, hand sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective.

Disinfecting wipes are your best friend.

For hard surfaces, bleach- or alcohol-based disinfecting wipes are a great tool for cleaning. Here are a few areas you should give special consideration to:
  • door handles
  • steering wheels
  • seat belt buckles
  • shift knobs
  • radio or temperature buttons, and other hard controls
  • air vents
  • center console
  • cupholders
  • dashboard
If you have leather accents on any of these, or a leather steering wheel, you should check your car's manual for cleaning instructions and tips, and always spot test products in a hidden area to make sure it is suitable for the material.

Break out the old fashioned vacuum.

In general, you should vacuum your car every three to four weeks to prevent buildup of debris and protect your resale value. In times like these, it's especially important to vacuum up dirt, dust, and debris to keep the air in your car as clean as possible.

Spray away!

Once you've lifted dirt from the surface of your seats and carpets, you can use a disinfecting spray on most surfaces, even cloth seats. Again, you should always spot test products in a hidden area to make sure it is suitable for the material, particularly if you have leather seats,

Digital controls are a bit trickier—but possible!

If your car has a touch screen or another trackpad, you should avoid using standard wipes or sprays as any liquid droplets that linger behind can damage the screen and affect the screen's ability to function. Most experts recommend using alcohol wipes instead, but you should check your driver's manual for specific recommendations for your vehicle.

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