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7 Essentials For Your Summer Emergency Kit

With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to put some road trips on the calendar. No matter where you’re headed this summer, it’s important to be prepared for summer breakdowns just in case.

We recommend that all of our customers keep a stocked emergency kit handy for every season but you should add some extra supplies for the hot summer months. We put together a checklist with 7 important things you should keep in your car’s summer survival kit:

Summer Emergency Kit

Water: If you’re stranded in 100-degree heat, you’ll want to have plenty of water handy.

Non-perishable food items: If you’re adding food to your emergency kit, make sure sure it’s not something that will melt.

Jumper cables: Batteries can be finicky in the summer heat, particularly older ones. You should always have cables in your car in case of an emergency.

A flashlight with extra batteries: If you’re stuck in the dark, you’ll want an extra light source. Keeping a flashlight with extra batteries in the trunk will

Road flares or an emergency beacon: If you’re stuck in a summer thunderstorm, it’s often difficult for oncoming cars to see you. Having reflectors, flares, or even flashlights on hand will help alert other drivers.

Basic hand tools: Occasionally, you might be able to make a quick self repair on the side of the road. Keeping a few basic tools in the truck will help in a pinch.

A first aid kit: Most pharmacies and department stores will have a basic one for $10 or less, with all the essential items. Be sure to include spare medications if you need them to make sure you can stay alert if you’re ever waiting for help.

At V&F

Even with preventive maintenance and careful planning, summer breakdowns can still occur.
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Written by Nicole Palange