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How To Install A Key Fob Battery

If your key fob’s range has shrunk over time or your car is struggling to recognize its proximity, the key fob battery is probably struggling. If the buttons simply aren't responding, it's probably dead. You should only have to replace the battery every five years or so. And, thankfully, replacing the battery in your key fob is a much easier process than you think! All you need is a screwdriver (a small, flat-tipped tool works best) and a new battery.

Step 1: Find the notch. 

Every fob has a little notch that opens the fob. Locating this notch is often the trickiest part of the process. The notch is often hidden so that the fob can't be opened accidentally. On some units, there might be a small gap at the top that's easily identifiable; for others, you'll have to examine the connection point where the emergency key slides out.

Step 2: Pop it open.

Slide the flat-tipped screwdriver into the slot and wedge it open. The whole unit should open in half down the middle, revealing a round battery inside.

Step 3: Identify the battery type.

Look closely at the battery inside and look for markings on it that will reveal what model the battery is. Buy a brand-new battery that's the same kind.

Step 4: Replace the old battery with a new one.

The old battery should pop out fairly easily if you use your finger, and the new battery will slide in right where the old one was.

Step 5: Snap the fob shut.

Once the battery is in place, you can close up the key fob. It should click back into place when you squeeze it—just be gentle.

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Written by Nicole Palange