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Programming A Garage Door Opener: A Step by Step Guide

Programming A Garage Door OpenerAutomatic door openers are a luxurious addition to any garage setup and, thankfully, programming a garage door opener is a doable DIY project. If you're struggling to get your remote working, we have a few tips to help!

Here's how to program a garage door opener:

Programming a garage door opener can be a tricky process. There are just four steps but it's important to follow them exactly:

1. Quickly press and release the learn button.

2. Press and hold down the button on the remote that you want to program.

3. Hold the button until the lights on the opener flash or you hear two clicks.

4. Follow the same steps to program the second remote if applicable.

What happens if my remote breaks?

Your garage door opener remote is like a second key to your home. If your remote becomes damaged or gets stolen, you can always search for a replacement from the manufacturer—most can equip you with a new remote for a fee. You can also try to find a replacement at your local auto shop. It's important to erase the old remote from the memory of your opener and to reset the code before setting up your new one. Resetting the code will ensure that the lost remote will no longer work.

A note about the learn button...

The "learn" button on your opener has two functions—programming the remote(s) and clearing the memory of the opener. It's very, very important that when you press the learn button, you quickly press and release. If you hold down the learn button for even a few seconds, it will erase any remotes you've previously programmed.

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