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3 Tips For Organizing Your Car

Many people buy vehicles for the ample space provided but, over time, most every vehicle can get a little messy. Here are a few tips for organizing your car.

Install a cargo shelf.

If your car doesn’t come with a compartment cover or a cargo shelf, you can purchase one that loops around the headrests of the rear seats or clips in to the trunk. This gives you two levels of storage and maximizes the floor area in your trunk. For example, you can use the trunk floor for groceries and stash other items that may have been left behind on the top shelf.

Organize using boxes.

Whether you sort items by type or use them as catchall containers, storage containers help to corral loose items and prevent them from rolling around the trunk or back seat. When you’re in a pinch for space, collapsible storage containers are a highly efficient way to store items on the fly and free up space when it’s needed.

Keep a jar handy for spare change.

Loose change floating around a car is a hassle— no one likes finding random loose coins jingling around the backseat but tracking down a quarter when you need it for the meter feels impossible. Storing a jar in your car for loose change is a great hack for this problem. It easily fits in your cup holder for easy access but can be sealed up and tossed in the center console when it’s not needed.

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