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Why Isn’t My A/C Cooling?

Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

There is nothing worse than when it’s 100 degrees outside and when you get in your car to turn the AC on, it doesn’t work. Or it blows air, but only hot or room temperature. Here at V&F Auto Inc in Agawam, Massachusetts, we have seen our fair share of AC problems. Some problems are easy to spot. Not having cool air coming out of your vents is one of them. There are some issues that are more subtle, as well as their causes. We created this list for you to help you give the rundown on AC issues and their causes.

Warm and Weak Air

If your AC is blowing warm or barely cool air through the vents, a few factors cause this. One of the main culprits is leaking coolant/Freon. A lack of coolant, caused by a leak or otherwise, will cause the air to not cool. It’s a simple fix. However, there could be more serious causes. A clogged hose or tube causes issues with cooling. Also, a damaged compressor and blower will stop the air from getting cold or blowing out properly. Any of these problems need a visit to the auto repair shop immediately.

Strange Odors

You should not turn on your AC and smell something terrible. A musty or pungent odor coming from your vents indicates mold or mildew in the vents. The AC vents are a perfect, humid breeding ground for it. They need a special cleaning to get the mildew out and prevent its later growth. If it isn’t mold, your air filter is likely dirty and needs to be changed.

No Air At All

Having no air at all coming out of your vents is the worst case scenario. It means a complete air system failure. Your air compressor has suffered severe damage because there is a lack of lubrication. Debris gets caught in the compressor and damages other parts of the unit. When this happens, it is time to replace that AC. Our skilled technicians will repair your AC affordably and reliably.

The best way to prevent AC problems is regular preventative maintenance. Taking your car into the shop for routine maintenance can troubleshoot a problem before it gets worse. If you suspect a problem with your AC, pull your vehicle into V&F Auto Inc, located in Agawam, MA.

Written by Nicole Palange