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Winter Car Wash Tips

Washing your car in the winter months is a great way to prevent rust and corrosion, and ensure your vehicle’s long-term health. At V&F we’re always striving to help your customers save money, and get the most out of their vehicles. Here are our top winter car wash tips:

Should I wash my car in the winter?

Yes! You should wash your car year-round, even in the winter. In fact, experts suggest washing your car more often in the winter, especially if you drive in areas where salt is frequently applied to the roads. Most of the year, it’s recommended to wash your car every 2-3 weeks; in the winter, that decreases to 1-2 weeks, to minimize the chance of corrosion. When possible, try to wash your vehicle right after big snow storms to help get that salt off but only if the temperature is above 40 degrees. More on that below!

Be mindful of the temperature.

Whether going to a car wash or giving your car a scrub at home, always try to wash your car on days when it's over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Washing your ar in freezing temps can damage your paint, and even seal your doors or locks shut if water pools in these areas.

Give the undercarriage an extra rinse.

There’s tons of extra salt and slush on the roads during the winter months. This debris can corrode the underside components of your vehicle if it’s not cleaned regularly— it can also damage your paint if not rinsed off before you start sudsing up your car. It’s important to rinse your car well before you start the washing process. Use plenty of clean water taking a few extra passes to spray off the loose dirt and salt, starting from the top and working your way down, then concentrating on the undercarriage of the car. If you’re taking your car to the carwash, you can often use a separate rinse bay for this rinse process before driving through the car wash bay. It may cost a few extra quarters, but it’s well worth it to prevent long term damage.

Winter Car Wash Tips At V&F

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Written by Nicole Palange