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Auto Repair At V&F: Schedule A Service Online

At V&F Auto we're proud to offer online scheduling for all of our auto repair services! Here's everything you need to know about making an appointment online:

Browse our list of auto repair services.

On the left-hand side of the page, you'll notice a menu with red buttons, like the one shown below, which includes a high-level overview of all the auto repair services we offer at our shop. If you're not sure which auto repair services you need, or you're simply curious about what we offer, you can click on any of the buttons for a more in-depth description of the services we offer. If you're interested in buying a new car and you'd like to make an appointment to meet with our sales team, you can call us directly at 413-786-1289 or browse our online inventory and contact us about a specific vehicle. auto repair schedule service form

Add your contact information.

Next, add your contact information. We only ask for your name, email, and phone number to make things as easy as possible for you. This section should be a breeze. If you're not comfortable giving us your email, that's okay!

Choose a time.

Decide on a date and time that works for you and plug it into the form. You can also let us know if you plan to wait for your vehicle or if you just want to drop it off. If you're not sure when you want to come in, or you need some flexibility with the time, just estimate as best you can or simply leave it blank. Please keep in mind that we will follow up with you to confirm that your requested time is available. We may need to adjust the time or date depending on our existing bookings.

auto repair schedule service formGive us all the details.

This is where you tell us what's really going on with your car. First, let us know the year, make, and model of your car. Then describe the problems your experiencing. The more detail you can give us the better but this shouldn't take up too much of your time. If you're not sure what's wrong, that's okay too! Our auto repair team is top-notch-- and they're experts at solving mysterious engine troubles. Just try to describe the sights, smells, and sounds you're experiencing as best as you can. Feel free to add the mileage to the longer description, too, if you have it handy. If you're just coming in for basic maintenance or you think the repair will be pretty obvious once we get a look under the hood (an oil change, tire rotation, or brake service for example), just jot down a quick note for our techs.

Double-check and finish up.

Double-check your contact info and click "Schedule Service." Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm your appointment. If you're scheduling a same day service, it's best to call the shop to make sure we've received your form and can review your information as soon as possible.

At V&F

At V&F, we strive to provide our customers with a well-rounded knowledge of all things automotive. Since 1988, our family-owned and operated service center has been providing top-quality auto repair services to Agawam, Feeding Hills, Southwick, West Springfield and the surrounding Massachusetts communities. Call us at (413)314-2280 or follow the steps above to schedule an appointment online. Simply fill out a short form with your information and we'll be in touch to confirm your appointment.

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