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Bald Tires Are Dangerous!

Bald Tires caused a customer to experience a rattle coming from their car while at highway speeds (70-75 MPH). Upon completion of the technician's inspection, we came to the conclusion that the customer's vehicle needed all four tires! The tires were out of balance and bald; which was causing the vehicle to vibrate. Tires are a consistent component of vehicles. They will cause vibration at the same speed every time. So if your car shakes at the same speed, tires are the first thing to check. If your vehicle is showing any of these symptoms, bring it to the service experts here at V&F Auto and allow one of our technicians to inspect your vehicle. Knowing what "bald tires"are is important... or you could get confused!
Bald tires are another way to say your tires are worn out. How do you tell if your tires are worn out? It all depends on the tread. You can easily tell if your tires’ tread is too worn by using a penny or a quarter. To perform the quarter test, put a quarter between the tread blocks of a tire with Washington’s head upside down. If you cannot see the top of his head, your tires tread is at 4/32 inches or more which is recommended! Any tread depth under 6/32 inches should be monitored as your tires will need attention in the near future.
Tires are designed with treads in order to provide your vehicle with traction. The grooves in between the tread blocks is what pushes water and snow away from the tires allowing the tires to maintain traction with the road.
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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="451"]Bald tires are a safety hazard Bald tires increase your vehicle's stopping distance, especially when roads are wet! Do not risk being in an accident due to bald tires. Have your technicians inspect your tires every oil change.[/caption]

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