Get Your Car Ready for the Cold

Car Care Tips:

Believe it or not, Preventative Maintenance is the key to a reliable vehicle in the cold. If you care for your car by following our recommended maintenance program, you will increase your vehicle’s chances of remaining reliable.

A vehicle that is properly prepared can help you avoid an unplanned road emergency when the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse.

Check out these tips and trips to ensure your vehicle starts during the frigid weather.

  1. Make sure your Battery is fully charged. Most batteries last about 5 Years. Even if yours has not quite reached its predicted life expectancy, we advise you have it checked.
  2. Check your vehicle’s fluids, such as, oil, coolant and fuel. It is important that your coolant is a 50/50 mix between antifreeze and water.
  3. Make sure your vehicle always has at least a 1/2 tank of gas. This will decrease the chances of moisture forming in the gas lines.
  4. Stock an emergency kit with an ice scraper and snowbrush, jumper cables, flashlight, blanket, extra clothes, bottled water, dry food snacks and needed medication.

We always advise that your vehicle be inspected by one of our trusted professional technicians as winter magnifies existing problems.

Care Care Tips for the Cold

The cold is here! Keep your car reliable as you travel the streets of Agawam and West Springfield.

Written by Nicole Palange

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