What happens if you don't change the cabin air filter enough?

What happens if you don’t change the cabin air filter enough?

change the cabin air filter As air comes into your car, the cabin air filter sifts out any dust, pollen, smog, mold, and other junk to keep it from entering your vehicle. It's important to change the cabin air filter regularly—these are some problems that can arise if your filter is overdue for maintenance.

Health Troubles

If dirty air is allowed to enter the cabin of your vehicle, all of the dirt, dust, and foreign particles can decrease the air quality in your car making it harder to breathe and even damaging your interior. A good rule of thumb is to change the cabin air filter every February before spring allergy season arrives but after winter salt and dirt are gone. The new filter will help prevent pollen from making its way into the cabin which can cause you to start sneezing, or worse.

Malfunctioning HVAC System

A dirty cabin air filter will also reduce the amount of air flowing from the vents, making the HVAC system work harder than necessary and potentially burning out the motor before its time. That drop in airflow can also affect the temperature of the cabin—both the heat and AC depend on a strong, steady flow of air passing through the heating system.
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Trouble Clearing Window Fog

Another potential problem that can arise when airflow is compromised is that windows won’t clear as quickly. The diminished air quality that comes from a dirty cabin air filter will allow condensation to form on the windshield, and you may struggle to remove it. Once you change the cabin air filter, you'll likely notice less fog buildup on the windshield.

More Foul Odors

Dirty or excessively clogged cabin air filters can produce a dusty, musty smell, especially if your HVAC system is turned on. Changing your cabin air filter will ensure that your cabin is smelling sweet—so you don't have to wind down your windows in the dead of winter to get some fresh air.

At V&F

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