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Common Symptoms of a Broken Heat Shield

common symptoms of a broken heat shieldMost heat shields will last the entire life of your vehicle without needing to be replaced. Still, they can still be susceptible to failure over time. Here are a few common symptoms of a broken heat shield. A burning smell coming from the engine. When the heat shield is failing or damaged, one of the first symptoms will be excessive heat from the engine bay—heat that can cause peripheral parts to melt. A faulty head shield can’t contain the high temperatures coming from a running engine and direct them out through the exhaust, leaving surrounding parts of your engine vulnerable to damage. If the temperature becomes too extreme, it can warp plastic or cause belts to break. If you detect a burning smell coming from your vehicle, you should make an appointment with your mechanic as soon as possible.

Rattling or scraping noises.

A rattling exhaust is another one of the common symptoms of a broken heat shield one that can be both annoying and nerve-racking. If the heat shield becomes loose or broken, it will vibrate underneath your car and may produce a rattling sound. It could simply be that the hardware is loose and needs to be tightened up. But, if the heat shield is in fact broken, your engine is in danger of overheating. If the heat climbs too high, you might even find melted plastic parts under the hood—all because of the failing heat shield.

Hear a scary rattle? Check your heat shield.

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