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Do I need to change my cabin air filter?

Your cabin air filter probably isn’t top of mind when you think about regular maintenance. But this part plays an important role in keeping debris from entering the vehicle’s cabin.

What is a cabin air filter?

The cabin air filter, as its name might suggest, is what keeps the vehicle’s cabin clean. As air comes into the cabin, the filter sifts out any dust, pollen, smog, mold, and other junk to keep it from entering your vehicle.

When should I have it replaced?

Usually, your mechanic will have this part on their radar and monitor it for replacement. Mechanics know that replacing your car's dirty cabin air filter can improve the air quality in your car.  Plus, if the filter gets too dirty, it can cause your A/C to work harder than it needs to, eventually causing damage to your heating and cooling system and requiring a much bigger repair. If you don’t have a regular mechanic, you should check your driver’s manual to see the manufacturer's recommended timeline for replacement; most filters need to be replaced between 15,000 to 25,000 miles, or about once a year. Because of its location, changing a cabin air filter is a difficult do-it-yourself project so it’s usually best to have it serviced by a trained mechanic.

At V&F

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