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Drive Belt Maintenance: Signs It’s Time For Repair

drive belt maintenanceSerpentine belts are one of the most important parts of the engine. Because they're so durable it can be hard to notice signs of wear and misalignment, but even minor flaws can compound over time to create massive problems for your engine. Here are a few signs that it's time for drive belt maintenance or repair:


Cracks are a clear indication that you should replace the drive belt. This is usually a sign of old age or improper tension, both of which stretch the belt farther than comfortable. The excessive stretch slowly pulls the rubber apart, creating cracks. If there are any cracks that are more than halfway through the belt it needs to be replaced immediately—a crack can quickly turn into a tear and cause the belt to slip or snap.


Glazing on the drive belt is usually caused by aging. As the belt runs over the pulley system, it will become worn and hardened, and begin to look smooth and shiny. This is especially important to monitor once it affects the backside of the belt. If the belt can't get a proper grip on the pulleys, it can have a devastating impact on engine performance.
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