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Nine Services You Shouldn’t Skip This Season | Fall Auto Service At V&F

fall auto serviceWith cooler weather creeping up on us, it’s important to make sure that your car is prepared for the coming drop in temperature.

Our Fall Auto Service checklist highlights the different areas of your car that you should pay special attention to this season.


As the days slowly start to get shorter, it’s important to make sure you have working lights. Check that the bulbs won’t need replacement or restoration anytime soon and that your lenses are clean.


Fall tends to bring drizzly days— which means slick roads covered with wet leaves. Schedule brake service to ensure you have maximum stopping power when you’re out and about in the rain.

Windshield Wipers

Streaky wipers are also a huge hazard, especially with the dangerous combination of fall rain and wet leaves. Run your finger along the edge of the blades to check for nicks, tears, divots, or other damage and get them replaced if necessary. If your wipers are in good shape, simply apply a small amount of washer fluid (or hot, soapy water) to a clean rag or paper towel and wipe all dust and dirt off the edge of your wiper blade. Then wipe the edge of the freshly cleaned blade with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove any soapy film or residue that is left on the rubber. 


Varying temperatures can have a huge impact on your car’s battery, especially when the really cold temps finally hit in late November. Even with regular use, batteries usually need to be replaced every 3-5 years, and already weak batteries tend to lose charge faster when the temperature drops. Having your battery and charging system evaluated will help to ensure you never find yourself stranded– or unexpectedly late to work on a particularly crisp morning.


Cold weather can exacerbate lingering engine issues, such as slow acceleration or difficulty starting the car. A simple tune-up can help with both the performance and the lifespan of your engine. Our technicians can perform visual and diagnostic checks of your spark plugs, oxygen sensors, distributor cap, brakes, and more, to make sure your drive is as safe as possible.

Heating System

No one wants to be stuck shivering in the bitter New England cold. You should make an appointment to have your heating system checked in mid to late fall, before the really cold weather hits. This way they can prep your car for colder temps, with plenty of time to make any repairs or replacements.


The increase in traveling over the summer often increases the amount of debris entering your car’s filtration system, which can lead to trouble at the end of the season. Our techs have all of the filters your car needs to keep it running smoothly. Whether you need oil filters, cabin filters, fuel, coolant, or transmission filters, we can check and change the proper ones that are specific to your vehicle.


Drivers tend to rack up miles on their tires during vacations and road trips in the summer months. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself but the colder weather plays a big part in the pressure of your tires. Inspecting their wear and inflation level ensures that the tread can safely and efficiently provide you with the best traction on the road, as roads start to get icy. Always make sure to have your spare tire checked as well, in case of a flat.


From topping off the fluid for your windshield wipers and coolant, to oil changes and transmission flushes, our ASE certified technicians can help with all of the necessary fluids your car needs when you come in for fall auto service. We can also recommend products specific to your vehicle and your driving, to help maximize your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

Fall auto serviceFall Auto Service At V&F

Don’t let the weather sneak up on you. Being proactive and getting your car set for the colder weather early on not only saves you from costly repairs down the road but it increases your safety while driving as well. Call us at (413)314-2280 to discuss your maintenance schedule, or schedule an appointment for fall auto service online.

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This article was originally published in 2019 and is updated annual to reflect changing best practices.

Written by Nicole Palange