Heating System Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance

As warm summer days become fewer and fewer, you may be tempted stop thinking about your engine’s cooling system. While it’s important to have a functioning cooling system during the summer months, it’s also important to do some pre-season maintenance before the winter cold sets in. Here’s why:

The Basics

Heating systems are fueled by the same coolant that circulates through your engine. It flows from the radiator, through a series of hoses, then into the heater valve. From there, it moves into the heater core. Meanwhile, the heat created by the engine builds up and needs somewhere to go. Most of the heat is released through the exhaust system, but the remaining heat transfers from the engine casting to the coolant. Once the vehicle gets up to operating temperature, the thermostat opens and allows the coolant from the cooling system to circulate through the engine passages, removing the heat from the engine, sending it into the radiator, and circulating to the heater core. As air is heated by the core, the fan then blows the hot air through vents and into the compartment, distributing the heat throughout the cabin of the vehicle. The heater controls and blower fan allow the passengers in the vehicle to control how much heat comes into the cabin and at what rate by the speed of the blower.

Why Maintenance is Important

A well maintained cooling system is essential for the heating system of your vehicle to work efficiently. As mentioned above, cars use hot engine coolant to warm the passenger cabin by running the coolant through the heater core and blowing cabin air over it. If not properly cared for, heaters can become blocked in the summertime leaving you with only cold air. When properly maintained, however, this cooling system will:
  • provide freeze protection
  • prevent overheating
  • reduce thermal stress by maintaining uniform temperatures around your engine
  • improve cabin heater efficiency.

Pre-Season Check-Up

Most experts recommend having your cooling system inspected with each oil change so that any issues can be repaired while they’re still small. Having the coolant in your engine flushed regularly and refilled with the clean coolant mix is also a crucial part of preventative maintenance. You should also have your mechanic look for and repair any leaks that occur in your cooling system before they become a costly issue.

At V&F

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Written by Nicole Palange