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How do I know if my control arm bushings are worn beyond repair? Part One

Control arm bushings are vital parts of your car’s suspension system that help to insulate vibration. By reducing the energy being transmitted from one moving component to another which, in turn, significantly reduces vibration and keeps the driver and passengers comfortable inside the car. Rubber bushings are the most commonly used for cars as their design helps manufacturers meet industry standards for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness or NVH. Watch out for these signs to see if something is wrong with a bushing:

1) Vibrations

There are many things in a car that can cause unusual vibrations, but control arm bushings are common culprits. Like many wear and tear parts, the rubber they’re made of (though fairly durable) wears out after over time, making older bushings very susceptible to damage. Once damaged, the part can no longer insulate vibration, causing the car to shake and shimmy. You might notice that the vibrations tend to increase during acceleration and smooth out as you reach higher speeds.

2) Strange Sounds When Accelerating

A malfunctioning bushing can make the suspension and frame parts move abnormally, causing clunking and creaking from the steering system when you increase the car’s speed. If your bushings are so worn that they're continuously rubbing against their metal casing you might also hear squeaking as the vehicle is in motion.

3) Misalignment

A damaged bushing can weaken the bond between two car parts, causing a misalignment. Every time the misaligned parts return to their original positions as the vehicle moves, they make clunking noises which are noticeable due to the rhythmic movement of the car. You may notice the knocking or clunking noises more when going over bumps or stretches of rough road. The sound will continuously get louder as the component wears or eventually breaks.

At V&F

Control arm bushings almost always require professional repair or replacement. At V&F, our expert mechanics use latest diagnostic equipment, and high-quality CARQUEST auto parts, to make sure we get the job done right.  If you are worried something may be wrong with your exhaust system, call us today at (413) 314-2280 or schedule an appointment online.

Written by Nicole Palange