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Is Cruise Control Fuel Efficient? Let’s Find Out.

Our customers ask this a lot: is cruise control fuel efficient? Generally speaking, yes. If used properly and in optimal conditions, cruise control can help you save an average of 7-14% on gas. But, keep in mind, there’s one important caveat: cruise control is only truly fuel-efficient when it’s used on flat road conditions that are free from all traffic congestion. If there’s even a hint of stop and go traffic or a slight uphill or downhill terrain in your drive, the fuel efficiency is vastly decreased.

How It Works

Instead of pressing the accelerator, like a human would, ​​cruise control systems use a part called the actuator to control the throttle, which keeps your car moving at a steady speed. When a human is controlling the gas, the drivers’ adjustments create a near constant variation in the acceleration and deceleration of the car (even small ones) which is highly inefficient.The computerized direction is much more consistent than human inputs, meaning the car is able to conserve energy.

Correcting those small, marginal errors can create huge savings but, again, only in optimal conditions are those savings truly impactful. Some highly-advanced, high-quality cruise control systems may be able to handle sudden hills, but the efficiency outcome differs widely from vehicle to vehicle. For most drivers, the real benefits of cruise control come in the comfort it provides when on a longer drive or road trip.

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Written by Nicole Palange