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Motor Oil Made from Natural Gas

A Cleaner Alternative?

Shell Releases Natural Gas-Based Motor Oil

For years, base oil has typically been derived from crude oil and converted to make motor oils. Today, that changes as Shell has given its customers a new option: premium motor oil made from natural gas.

Natural gas has long been seen as a strong alternative to crude oil for fuels, as it is cleaner and more efficient. But until now, no one has put much thought into its effectiveness as an alternative in motor oils. While the answers to some questions still remain unclear, here’s what we know about Shell’s new PurePlus Base Oils and motor oils.

  1. It’s clear like water.
  2. Everyone is fascinated to see the difference in oil made from natural gas. Compared to the lubricants we’ve relied on for decades, it may contain fewer impurities.

  3. It’s cleaner and more efficient.
  4. Since the motor oil is believed to be “purer” than motor oils from crude oil, natural gas-based oils could help engines run cleaner and more efficiently.Some say that claim depends on how you define “purity.” Whether the performance of this new oil really is better remains unclear.

  5. It’s cheaper to produce.
  6. Shell hopes to compete in a market dominated by synthetic lubricants.

  7. It offers lower viscosity levels.
  8. Being so pure, natural gas derived lubricants achieve lower viscosity levels, a characteristic that is increasingly important for today’s advanced engines.

Could Your Car Benefit?

We will surely see more information in the months to come about Shell’s new premium motor oil. If you want to know more, ask the auto experts at V&F Auto Inc at your next oil change service! New vehicles that run on synthetic lubricants may be good candidates for natural gas derived motor oil.

Generally, natural gas is considered a step in the right direction and shows that our industry is capable of evolving to meet the demands of the driver population around the world. We look forward to learning more about what natural gas can do in the automotive industry!

Written by Nicole Palange