Bike Maintenance: Motorcycle Oil Change

End-Of-Season Bike Maintenance: Motorcycle Oil Change

The most important maintenance service on almost any vehicle is the oil change and oil filter change. A motorcycle oil change before the end of the season will help to protect and preserve your motorcycle’s engine through winter storage. The oil inside your engine lubricates and protects it. You want that oil to be in the best condition it can be, so it can do its job effectively. Over time, impurities get into your oil and it begins to break down, which can negatively affect performance. Basically, better quality oil means a longer lifespan for your motor so it’s important you change it regularly. The type of engine oil you need will depend on the bike you ride. As a general rule, both regular and synthetic engine oil should be changed about every 3000 miles or so, as great demands are made of it. But, depending on your driving style, you may have to change it more often. For example, if you make lots of short journeys, engine oil performance will deteriorate quicker than someone who just cruises at the speed limit on a highway, because condensed droplets of fuel will get into it. Also, if you do not use your motorcycle very often, or if you use it intensively, engine oil quality may be reduced depending on the types of lubricant that you use. That said, it pays to be diligent. Keeping up on oil changes and other maintenance will help enhance your motorcycle’s performance and longevity.

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We’ll put your motorcycle on an effective maintenance schedule that’s perfectly suited for your vehicle and your driving habits. Our technicians replace spark plugs, transmissions, fuel filters, inspect clutch cables, air filters, brake pads, and much more! After our thorough inspection and diagnosis, we can perform any repairs, replacements, and adjustments that are needed. Our friendly experts will make sure you receive the answers, maintenance services, or repair solutions you need. Feel free to stop by our facility next time you’re in the area- we gladly accept all of our walk-ins, and look forward to serving you and servicing your bike! This article was originally published in September 2017 and has been updated.

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