Signs of A Problem With Your Exhaust

Signs of A Problem With Your Exhaust

Depending on your car, the cost to make repairs to a damaged or broken muffler can range widely. But putting off an exhaust repair almost always costs more than addressing them promptly-- like the car above, whose muffler is totally missing. Here are some signs and symptoms to watch for if you think your vehicle may need muffler or exhaust system repairs:

Rumblings and Vibrations

One of the primary jobs of your muffler is to keep the exhaust quiet. So one of the most obvious signs of an exhaust problem is a deep or loud rumbling sound coming from your car. If this happens, it's time to get it to a mechanic right away. Continuing to drive with an exhaust leak or bad catalytic converter can damage other components of your vehicle's engine.


If you notice a new vibration or loss of power when operating your car, have the exhaust system checked by a professional. While these vibrations tend to vibrate the whole car, you might notice the vibration more when you touch the steering wheel, foot pedals, or your seat. A hole, exhaust leak, or disconnected exhaust system component won't just cause vibrations but also signal the engine is no longer running at optimum performance.

Filling-Up More Often

If you’re noticing that you have to fill up your gas tank more often than normal, you should have your exhaust system checked out by a muffler repair shop as soon as possible. Similar to the vibrations, increased fuel use is a sign something is wrong with your car. When the exhaust leaks, your engine works harder. When your engine works harder, it requires more fuel.

At V&F

Your exhaust system does more than just keep your car quiet - it also reroutes exhaust fumes away from the cabin, helps your engine run properly, and maintains optimum fuel efficiency-- so it’s important to take care of exhaust issues in a timely manner. At V&F, our expert mechanics use latest diagnostic equipment, and high-quality CARQUEST auto parts, to make sure we get the job done right. Call us today at (413) 314-2280 or schedule an appointment online.  

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