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Suspension Repair Near Agawam, MA

The suspension system is essentially a shock-absorbing system, designed to make your rides more smooth and comfortable. It seems simple but the suspension is a complex system of tires, air, springs, shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, bushings, control arms, and linkages that all work together to support your vehicle. This system of parts redirects the impact from bumps and blemishes in the road to increase comfort and maximize the friction force between the road and the tires to provide better steering and handling. This system is designed to withstand extreme forces but, if even one part breaks, it can quickly create a domino effect that leaves the rest of the pieces hanging in the balance.

Symptoms of Suspension Damage

With all of the interconnected parts and intricacies of this system, your suspension is prone to damage. When your suspension is in need of repair, you may notice the following symptoms:
  • An increase in the “bumpiness” of your drives
  • Strange sounds including, clunking, creaking, grunting, rattling, and knocking
  • Difficulty turning
  • Sinking or sagging along the vehicle’s frame
  • Irregular or uneven tire wear
With so many potential issues to unpack, it’s important to seek out professional suspension repair. A car without a functioning suspension will be extremely uncomfortable to ride in and difficult to control in an emergency— and any large bumps in the road could damage other parts of the car.

Suspension Repair Near Agawam, MA At V&F Auto

If you need suspension repair near Agawam, MA, the team at V&F Auto is here to help! V&F Auto Inc. is proud to be the best local auto repair shop in the Pioneer Valley. Our expert mechanics use the latest diagnostic equipment, and high-quality CARQUEST auto parts, to take care of all your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Plus, all of our auto repair services are backed by an industry-leading 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. Click the photo below to SCHEDULE SERVICE

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