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Water Damage to Your Alternator

Did Water Damage Your Alternator?

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​​Wet Car Alternator? Here’s What You Should Do

Repair and maintenance services are essential for extending the life of your vehicle. That’s why if anything seems off, you should schedule an automotive repair appointment right away. Ignoring potential problems can quickly lead to expensive car repair costs.

One issue your vehicle could face is a wet alternator. Water under the hood can damage your alternator.

But what are the signs of a wet alternator? And what should you do if yours has water damage? The ASE-certified auto repair mechanics at V&F Auto in Agawam, Massachusetts, are here to explain more.

What is an Auto Alternator?

Your vehicle’s alternator keeps your engine up and running. This important part powers your vehicle's electrical components as you drive. These include your windshield wipers, electric steering, headlights, and radio.

While most alternators are a bit water resistant, they can still suffer from water damage.

What Happens if My Alternator Gets Wet?

If water found its way under your hood, your alternator might have water damage. If the alternator gets submerged in excess water, it can stop functioning properly.

If your alternator gets wet, it can experience the following issues:

  • The brass or bronze brushes can get ruined, leading to the corrosion of your car’s electrical components
  • Attract more dust and debris since grime can easily stick to the wet areas
  • The headlights, dashboard lights, or brake lights could start to dim when your car is idling
  • An illuminated battery warning indicator could pop up on your dashboard

If you notice any of these symptoms of alternator water damage, contact the car care specialists at V&F Auto today.

How to Maintain Your Alternator

Some easy ways to extend the life of your alternator and prevent it from getting wet include:

  • Avoid pressure washing your vehicle, as this could lead to alternator water damage
  • Cleaning out all the dirt in your alternator
  • Ensuring it’s properly aligned

The certified auto repair technicians at V&F Auto in Agawam, Massachusetts, will keep your alternator in tip-top shape. If you think your alternator is wet, schedule an automotive repair appointment with us today. Call [as_phone] now for quality auto repair you can count on.

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