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Why You Shouldn’t Drive With a Damaged Tire

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You hear it time and time again from professionals in the automotive industry. When there’s a problem with your vehicle, you should handle it as soon as possible to avoid further damages. We can’t give better advice than that when dealing with a damaged tire. If you notice any damages, here are a few major reasons to seek tire repair as soon as possible:

  1. The Damage Will Get Worse
  2. Whether your tire has a puncture or tear, the problem won’t fix itself. In fact, ignoring it will only make matters worse and cause damage to spread. Then instead of getting a simple tire repair, you’ll be looking at a full tire replacement.

  3. You’ll Need Tire Replacement
  4. There’s no denying that a tire repair is more cost-effective than tire replacement, but in some cases, a repair can’t be safely performed. For the best chance at getting a tire repaired, you’ll want to get to V&F Auto Inc as soon as possible after noticing the damage. The more time you spend driving on the damaged tire, the more damage it sustains and more air pressure is lost. Then, our technicians won’t be able to provide repairs.

  5. You’ll End Up With a Flat
  6. When a tire is damaged, the air escapes and weakens the tire’s structure and safety. Driving with low tire pressure causes damage to the sidewalls -- damage that demands a tire replacement. Eventually, the tire will be completely empty. It’s impossible to drive on a flat without causing serious damage to your vehicle, so you’ll be left stranded on the side of the road. Don’t wait for your tire to lose significant air pressure and don’t risk getting stuck without help! A small puncture may be repaired only if the tire’s structure is not compromised.

  7. It’s Unsafe
  8. Once a tire is damaged, it’s safety and the safety of you and your vehicle are compromised. It may be susceptible to a dangerous blowout at any moment, which could lead to a fatal accident! You want complete control of your vehicle and traction at all times, which means you need your tires to be in good condition. Take care of any issues promptly to mitigate the risk of an accident!

V&F Auto Inc provides fast tire repair for all makes and models in Agawam, Massachusetts. Contact our shop today for assistance!

Written by Nicole Palange