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Can I drive with a broken air filer clamp?

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The engine air filter prevents harmful debris, dirt, and contaminants from entering your engine; the air filter clamp is a relatively small but critical part of this system. The band creates an air-tight seal around the filter to protect the air filter from contamination and ensure that only clean air passes through the engine systems. If this clamp breaks, like the one shown on the right, the system is no longer airtight and the air filter and engine are exposed to all kinds of mayhem—moisture, dirt, and debris can clog your filter and, eventually, enter the vehicle engine to damage peripheral parts.
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Can I drive with a broken air filer clamp?

Technically, you can still drive with a broken air filter clamp—it's likely that your engine will still run for a short period even if the clamp is damage. But driving around with a broken clamp is not recommended for extended periods of time. If left unrepaired, you might experience:
  • a decrease in gas mileage,
  • hesitation when shifting gears,
  • slugging acceleration,
  • and a dirtier air filter,
...all of which leave you with a much bigger repair bill in the long run. A dirty cold air intake can also trigger your check engine light to come on, as the extra debris in the engine can cause various sensors to malfunction.

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Written by Nicole Palange