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Servicing Your Air Filter: What happens if you wait?

air filterYour engine air filter plays a big part in how your entire engine functions. Cars and humans are actually quite similar to one another—they both require clean air in order to function properly. The engine air filter is what helps your engine breathe. For every gallon of fuel that is burned, your vehicle’s engine uses up to 10,000 gallons of air! That’s why it is so important to change the engine air filter!

What happens if I postpone the service?

Poor air flow increases the risk of wear and tear on your engine. If you put off the replacement and dirty air is allowed to enter the engine’s intake system, the debris foreign particles can wear away at important metal components of the engine, such as piston rings, cylinders, and engine bearings.

A dirty air filter can also choke your vehicle’s engine, preventing airflow to the engine which can decrease fuel efficiency and performance.

At V&F

Recently, one of our customers came in with a complaint about a lot of noise coming from the front of the vehicle near the blower motor area, and struggling with acceleration. After test driving the vehicle, the technician was able to confirm the customer’s complaints and found the culprit: a dirty engine air filter. The engine was struggling to take it air which was putting stress on the entire system.

At V&F Auto, our certified mechanics use latest diagnostic equipment and high-quality CARQUEST auto parts to make sure we get the job done right. If it’s time for an air filtration system check, call us today at (413) 314-2280 or schedule an appointment online.

Written by Nicole Palange