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At V&F Auto Inc. in Agawam, MA, we understand proper tire repair and maintenance is vital to your safety. It will extend the mileage you get, as well as fuel efficiency. Have you inspected your wheels lately? Are they properly inflated, is tread deep enough, can you see uneven wear? Do you have a TPMS / Tire Inflation Pressure Monitor System? These are all questions you need ask when inspecting your tires. It is important to keep an eye on them on a consistent basis. When in good condition, a good set will not only save you money by avoiding premature replacements but also increase your fuel efficiency. When not properly maintained your wheels wear out faster than expected. Avoid collisions and unexpected breakdowns by following a few simple tire repair guidelines. Call (413) 789-2181 or stop by our 443 Springfield Street Agawam, MA 01001 location to schedule tire repair or maintenance.