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Wheel Alignment in Agawam, MA

Ensuring Your Vehicle Tracks Straight and True

Why Do You Need Wheel Alignment Service?

Did you know wheel alignment service is part of routine maintenance? Proper wheel alignment is when your vehicle tracks straight and true–the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. If one or more of your wheels becomes misaligned, you may experience poor stability, handling, and fuel efficiency. You may also notice increased tire wear. Wheel alignment service is the process of adjusting the angles of the misaligned wheel(s) back to manufacturer specifications. These angles are the camber, caster, and toe. Camber is the inward/outward tilt of the wheels when viewed from the front, caster is the steering pivot angle when viewed from the side of the vehicle, and toe is how much the wheels are turned inward/outward when viewed from above. Your vehicle can be negative or positive camber, negative or positive caster, or toe-in or toe-out. When you work with us at V&F Auto in Agawam, Massachusetts, we use specialized technology to measure and correct misalignment. Contact us to learn more.